Imagine a growing film production studio looking to streamline their invoicing process. They have a bespoke online customer portal where clients can place orders and manage their accounts.

However, manually transferring data to QuickBooks for invoicing has become a bottleneck. An ideal solution would seamlessly connect their online portal with QuickBooks and automate the invoicing process, while maintaining a professional brand image through the entire process. Here’s how we’d assist them.

The challenge

The manual invoicing process is time-consuming and prone to errors. Employees spend valuable hours transferring data from the online portal to QuickBooks.

Invoices are often not consistently sent in a timely manner, impacting cash flow and customer satisfaction. The production studio recognizes the need to modernize their invoicing workflow.

Our solution

QuickBooks API Integration
A custom API integration allows seamless communication between the two systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Customers’ order information is automatically transferred to QuickBooks, ensuring accurate invoicing data.

Automated Invoicing
Automated processes to generate invoices directly from QuickBooks based on the data received from the online portal. Customizable invoice templates are created to reflect the studio’s branding, ensuring a consistent and professional look across all communications.

Email Automation
We implement email automation to send invoices directly to customers from QuickBooks. These emails are personalized and branded to match the studio’s aesthetic, providing a cohesive experience for clients. Automated reminders prompt customers for payment, improving cash flow management.

Seamless Payment Integration
We integrate a secure payment gateway directly into the customer portal. Customers can conveniently pay their invoices online with various payment methods. The studio accelerates invoice processing and improves cash flow while enhancing customer satisfaction.

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By leveraging the QuickBooks API and implementing automated processes, NYC Automatic helps companies like the production studio streamline their invoicing workflow, empowering them to focus on growth and provide exceptional service to their clients.

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